The Amanuensis v4

1. Trained on my library of articles (Instapaper) and and books.

2. Selects articles from my Twitter feed and my Feedly feed. These are saved on Instapaper.

3. Depending on level of confidence, some are marked as favourites (thereby becoming public on Instapaper).

4. Even more assortative links are shared on Twitter.

5. The Amanuensis highlights interesting passages.

6. The Amanuensis is furthermore trained on books I want to read but have lacked the time or inclination. 1

7. Based on its learning, the Amanuensis looks for new sources of reading upon which to train itself.

8. The Amanuensis annotates and edits my texts.

9. The Amanuensis writes my texts.


  1. 1Although still dependent, the Amanuensis is here beginning to “surpass” me.