Lasswitz’s library could be greatly reduced in size by simply using 100 language–independent symbols, such as  &, @, #, $, * etc. The correspondence of each symbol to a specific character of any alphabet could be left open to the reader’s choice. For each specific book the 100 symbols appearing could thus be thought of as corresponding to any set of 100 of language characters in 100! different ways, the number of the possible permutations of 100 objects. For example, the symbol sequence &@#$*$ could be thought of as representing the words ABUSES, IMPEDE, SCORER etc. for an English language reader, the words ΣΟΒΑΡΑ, ΘΡΑΣΟΣ, ΕΙΡΗΝΗ etc. for a Greek language reader, and the words СОБАКА, ЯБЛОКО, ГИТАРА etc. for a Russian language reader. The overall size of the library would then be reduced by a factor 100!, a number approximately equal to 10 158. The size ratio between the thus resulting library and the Universal Library is much smaller than the one between an atom and the whole universe.